Home Access

The Home Access programme has come to a close and your subscription to O2 mobile broadband is ending. However XMA in conjunction with O2 are offering to renew you contract for another 12 months for just £120.

Your current contract is up for renewal

XMA and O2 are keeping everything the same so you do not have to change your dongle all you have to do is click renew add your details and you will have internet access with O2 for another 12 months. Please be aware that if you do not reconnect before the end of your contract period your account will be deleted.

The offer includes access to the internet through O2 mobile broadband with a monthly usage limit of 3Gb, all you have to pay is a one off payment of £120.

Your mobile broadband number

In order for us to access your account and continue your service you need to have your mobile number that is assigned to your O2 account ready.

Where can I find my number?

There are a few ways to find your number it was printed on the renewal reminder letter sent to you by XMA.

I have lost my letter?

Alternatively you can find it on the credit card sized holder that came with your sim card. Or if you are using O2 Connection Manager you can find it by selecting 'Tools > Help > About'

Usage guide: